The Africa Programme has established itself as one of the strongest such programmes on the continent and witnessed a period of unparalleled success. Through its Policy Development and Research Project (PDR), CCR convenes policy research seminars with key African, Western, and other policymakers, academics, and civil society actors on the following four themes:

  • Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding in Africa;
  • Africa and the European Union;
  • Region Building and Regional Integration in Africa; and
  • Achieving the Millennium Development Goals in Africa.

CCR also convenes policy advisory group meetings in Africa with practitioners, scholars, and civil society representatives – on the four themes, as well as on special peacebuilding cases such as South Sudan, the Central African Republic (CAR), and Guinea-Bissau.

Over 50 high-level policy seminars have been held between 2004 and 2015, focusing on key issues related to Africa’s evolving security and governance architecture and its external partnerships, as well as to transitional justice, human rights, and peacebuilding processes on the continent, including in Zimbabwe, the DRC and South Sudan.

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