Sustained Interventions in South Sudan

Generating Sustainable Livelihoods and Leadership for Peace in South Sudan

Cattle raiding mediation role-play in IkotosCCR is currently implementing a five-year project on "Generating Sustainable Livelihoods and Leadership for Peace in South Sudan" as part of a consortium of three organisations also involving the Agency for Co-operation and Research in Development (ACORD), and DanChurchAid (DCA).

The long-term goal of the project is to address the political and socio-economic root causes of armed conflict and instability in South Sudan.

Project launch and workshop in Ikotos, January 2018 »

Field visit to Terekeka, February/March 2017 »

The project seeks to achieve the following three outcomes:

  • Outcome 1: Resilient livelihoods and food security — Food security and livelihoods improved, and vulnerability to adversity reduced
  • Outcome 2: Social Cohesion — Greater trust and cooperation between citizens and state institutions, and among previously conflicting or adversarial groups
  • Outcome 3: Peaceful conflict resolution — Communities, civil society and local governance structures mitigate and resolve conflict without recourse to violence

The project will seek to empower local community leaders, civil society, and peacebuilding actors to contribute directly and sustainably to a culture of peace and respect for human rights in Imatong, Jonglei, Jubek, Kapoeta, Lomurnyang, and Terekeka states.

An underlying premise of the project is that local communities in South Sudan will be better equipped to prevent and manage the consequences of conflicts and economic shocks if interventions address both humanitarian and development issues.

CCR's project interventions will comprise:

Capacity-Building Training Workshops
The Centre will continue to work on a sustained basis with civil society organisations in South Sudan to build their capacity to influence peacebuilding in their local communities. CCR's capacity-building training workshops will increase the knowledge and skills of local community leaders, civil society activists, and local governance structures in conflict management, human rights, and gender, based on creative, constructive, and cooperative approaches to the resolution of conflicts.

Training of Trainers Workshops
To ensure the sustainability of the project, the Centre will conduct "training of trainers" workshops to enable continued provision of skills within communities that have been trained in its capacity-building workshops. These workshops will build the facilitation and training skills of carefully selected previously trained individuals in conflict management, human rights, and gender, and in so doing, equip them to further transfer their skills and knowledge within their local contexts.

Experience-Sharing Workshops
Experience-sharing workshops will further provide opportunities for peer-learning between communities from different geographic areas and will serve as a platform for sharing best practices between local communities. User-friendly policy briefs will be produced to disseminate lessons learned and to encourage bench-marking of best practices.

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