Sustained Interventions in Lesotho

In Lesotho, historical tensions between local government and traditional leaders have been caused by a failure on the part of both groups to understand properly their respective roles, mandates, and responsibilities.

CCR has worked in Lesotho since 1998 with government and civil society actors to promote political stability, where the Centre has helped to build the capacity and confidence of government officials, local councillors, and traditional leaders to engage with civil society actors.

CCR's training interventions and dialogue skills-building efforts have promoted collaboration between stakeholders to resolve conflicts in local communities and have helped to clarify the roles, mandates, and responsibilities of local government and traditional leaders respectively.

Key outcomes of the Centre's interventions in Lesotho include:

  • District dialogue sessions have provided local government structures with non-violent options to resolve role-conflicts between traditional leaders and local councillors. Following CCR training, alternative dispute resolution approaches, instead of legal means or adversarial approaches, are now more frequently used to manage conflicts.
  • CCR trainees formed a technical team that supported heads of churches in mediating a conflict between the government and opposition parties over the allocation of electoral seats. By 2011, the conflict had been successfully mediated, paving the way for smooth general elections in May 2012.

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