The Policy Development and Research Project (PDR) Project

CCR's Policy Development and Research (PDR) project contributes towards strengthening international and regional institutions working on peacebuilding issues, providing intergovernmental organisations, governments, and civil society actors within and outside Africa with policy-relevant, academically rigorous research that has helped to shape and support their initiatives on the continent.

The PDR project convenes policy advisory group meetings with about 15-20 practitioners, scholars, and civil society representatives. CCR also organises policy research seminars with about 25-30 mostly African researchers and practitioners, who present commissioned case studies using original field research to guide the discussions and to facilitate dialogue among participants.

Between July 2016 and June 2020, CCR's policy research will concentrate on four key areas:

  • The African Union and Africa's Security, Governance, and Socio-economic Challenges
    Through this project, CCR will continue its research focus on region-building and regional integration in Africa through an assessment of the AU and Africa's security, governance, and socio-economic challenges. The project also proposes assessing how the AU, in collaboration with Africa's sub-regional bodies and civil society, can promote security, governance, and development more effectively across the continent.
  • War and Peace in the Great Lakes Region
    Conflicts over ethnic identity, citizenship, land, and mineral resources have led to violence in the Great Lakes region — comprising Burundi, the DRC, Rwanda, and Uganda — over the last two decades. CCR's regional approach to analyzing conflicts and its linking of conflict resolution to human rights makes it particularly well placed to address these issues effectively. Building on the Centre's sustained engagement with South Africa's foreign policy role, this project aims also to enhance the country's potential leadership role — as the dominance force within SADC — with a view towards achieving greater stability and building a sustainable peace in the Great Lakes region.
  • Africa's Engagement with Traditional and Emerging Powers
    This project will situate Africa's traditional partnerships with Europe and the US in the broader context of the challenges and opportunities created by the emergence of new powers in the "global South". The project will include a comparison of Africa/BRICS relations with the continent's engagement with its traditional Western partners. It will also seek to examine critically the challenges and prospects of South-South and triangular cooperation for achieving statebuilding and peacebuilding goals in Africa's fragile states.
  • Ideologies and Rebel Groups in Africa
    This project will explore how the espoused ideologies of rebel groups interact with broader issues in African societies relating to resource allocation; religion; the role of women; and concepts of legitimate governance. The project will further examine the nexus between terrorist networks and rebel groups, and transnational organised crime.

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