Capacity-Building and Training (CBT) Project

CCR's Capacity-Building and Training project seeks to build the capacity of African institutions and actors to manage and resolve conflicts in their own sub-regions, countries, and local communities in four main areas:

1) Human Rights and Conflict Management

CCR's human rights and conflict management work achieves its goals through training African human rights institutions on the relationship between conflict management and human rights, and the importance of both for peacebuilding efforts.

2) Gender and Peacebuilding

CCR's gender and peacebuilding activities seek to address systematised gender inequality, which is exacerbated by conflict, by providing technical assistance to national and regional gender machineries, as well as to civil society and women's groups. CCR further seeks to impart conflict resolution and negotiation skills to these actors.

3) HIV/AIDS and Militaries

The HIV/AIDS work aims to provide a practical and theoretical grounding on HIV/AIDS and security; improve the awareness and practice of military personnel as human rights and peacebuilding actors; and promote gender-sensitive behaviour among Africa's militaries.

4) Sustained Interventions

The Centre has sought to build the capacity of civil society organisations and religious and traditional leaders to transform conflicts constructively through sustained dialogue processes in Lesotho, Swaziland, and South Sudan.

In addition, the training project has developed the following eight training manuals:

These manuals provide Africa-centred training tools and have been widely disseminated and used to conduct training across the continent.

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